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Have you been Vajazzled? | Style

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Have you been Vajazzled?

It is not just for strippers...or celebrities anymore!

OK, call me crazy, but there is a new trend hitting D.C. that is already a popular in Los Angeles with celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt called Vajazzle.  What is it?  It is authentic Swarovski crystals that come in various designs and colors that is placed on a persons nether regions for cosmetic purposes. These crystals are specifically chosen to be safe and comfortable for the wearer. They have flat backings and the crystal shape itself will not scratch or itch. They can easily be removed and safe to the skin. Why are women getting it?  Ask Jennifer Love Hewitt and she might say to make her feel better after her break up with Jamie Kennedy, others may tell you it just make them feel sexier, and some may say it is a great Valentines Day surprise for that special someone. 

Rachel Smith of Patty’s Nail Bar is one of the very few estheticians in the D.C. Area Vajazzling.  She described a recent waxing client of hers as needing that "emotional lift" after undergoing surgery and a recent break up. Rachel suggested a Vajazzle and the next day the client thanked her for her new found confidence.  Why?  Ask Rachel's clients and they say, "the crystals make [them] feel pretty," "having a pretty secret down there is seductive," or simply "I just wanted to do something different for me."  Whatever the case may be, it may become become bigger than bikini waxing....So Rachel talked me into a Vajazzling, and I have to agree, having a little sparkle near the vajajay has me smiling all day!