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Apples, Dogs & Frogs - It's What's For Dessert! | Business

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Apples, Dogs & Frogs - It's What's For Dessert!
Apples, Dogs & Frogs - It's What's For Dessert!

Wasn't it great when the sun came out today?! After coming through three days of rain, "hunkering down" at home, and then picking up the debris today, it was really nice to see the sun peeking through the clouds.

And that's how I always feel when I go to Silva's.

Silva's Patisserie is another one of those small, local businesses in Vienna that I have grown to love. It's nestled in the same shopping center and right around the corner from another one of my favorite local places, Jammin Java.

When you go in, you are sure to find one of the owners there — either Silva herself or her son Harry. Harry is a pastry chef (formerly of the Kennedy Center) and he named the patisserie after his mother Silva. They will give you a friendly greeting and then wait patiently while you decide what to order.

And that's where the problem arises. What to order?!

You see, while they of course have all the usual specialties (cakes, bread, croissants, cookies, cupcakes and the rest), plus gorgeous wedding cakes, macaroons and marzipan works of art (frogs and apples and dogs — oh my!); my favorite thing to order at Silva's is one of their miniature pastries. And the varieties are ENDLESS.

So Harry waits patiently while I ponder ... lemon meringue or key lime ... chocolate lolly or cheesecake lolly ... a fruit bavarian or a swan ... a red forest lolly or chocolate mousse ... a vanilla eclair or a rum ball ... creme brulee or a mille feuille ... coca cacao or dulce de leche ... a caramel lolly or pistachio ... raspberry linzer or strawberry tort ... a mint chocolate lolly or a belgian truffle.

And Harry is still waiting patiently! LOL!

Oftentimes when I stop in to Silva's, it is on the way to a potluck or a ladies' gathering. I like to offer to bring dessert because I know when I bring desserts from Silva's it will "wow" everyone (even the guys!). I usually pick up a variety of mini pastries. Silva's always wraps them in a lovely box decorated with ribbon and as soon as people see it, they want to know what's inside.

The anticipation grows and as I plate the desserts one by one, I start to hear "oohs" and "aahs" and "That's my favorite!" and "I have dibs on that one!" And because they are mini pastries, EVERYONE has one — even those who are on a diet say, "Oh I can have just one little pastry." (And then they can't help but have another and another ...!)

The other times I stop into Silva's, it is because sometimes I just need a little taste of heaven. Having a hectic week? Kids driving you crazy? Did you volunteer for too many activities? Is your job really stressful? Stop into Silva's for one little mini pastry — and for just a few moments it all slips away.

Silva's is located at 167 Glyndon Street SE and is just another reason why I LOVE living in Vienna!


(This edition of TheresNoPlaceLikeVienna.com was contributed by Christy Belt Grossman, Chief Operating Officer with The Belt Team. Christy has lived in Vienna since 1972 and resides with her husband Bill and dog Cody. And Silva's even has a treat that looks just like her dog!)