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Better Education Through Open Publishing
Better Education Through Open Publishing


Open publisher Lulu helps students and teachers profit and share their ideas with readers all over the world.

Dr. Tony Kemerly, professor of biomechanics at High Point University, was frustrated by the limited resources for his class and had spent countless hours every semester stapling worksheets together for his students – a common problem for the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s recorded 1.7 million post-secondary teachers in the country.  Luckily, with the help of open publishing platform Lulu and its eBooks and print-on-demand technologies, these teachers and professors can publish their content for free and can be sure their students are receiving the most up-to-date classroom materials at an affordable price they set.

“Bookstore prices can be so high, and the textbooks used for my classes were so outdated,” says Dr. Marianne Bradford, associate professor for the College of Management at North Carolina State University.  “I needed content geared towards my students.  Big publishers were interested, but did not seem to understand the market or the content.  The flexibility and control over my work I found when publishing through Lulu let me create materials that suited my personality and style.” 

Dr. Bradford’s book, Modern ERP:  Select, Implement & Use Today’s Advanced Business Systems, has gone on to rank in the top 100 of Lulu’s 1.1 million titles and is currently being translated for Korean audiences.  “I feel confident about my decision to go with Lulu and plan on a long working relationship,” Bradford adds. 

On the other end of the academic spectrum are students.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 20 million college students are heading back to campuses around the nation this fall and graduate students like Kahyun Lee at the University of Michigan’s school of Architecture will be expected to hand in academic writings like theses and doctoral dissertations.  Ideally students would see their projects published, but more likely, they’ll only be read by a single professor and placed in a file cabinet somewhere.  Students like Lee, who are next to experts in their fields once they graduate, are turning towards open-publishing to share their knowledge and ideas with the world – a process Lulu is proud to be a part of.

“At Lulu, we’re focused on moving knowledge from one generation to the next – an endeavor that’s becoming ever more relevant and important,” said Lulu CEO Bob Young.  “We’re empowering researchers, educators and experts with the tools to quickly and profitably share knowledge so we all can benefit from their works.”

With open publishing, students and teachers alike can take their thesis and classroom materials and turn them into a published book withing minutes.  They’re then able to sell their works through retailers like the iBookstore(SM), and BarnesandNoble.com through Lulu so they can reach more readers and forget those expensive student bookstore prices.

“Our open publishing platform enables students to publish their papers and research, and instructors to publish their own textbooks that they have both put so much time and effort into,” explained Young.  “In addition to making it easy and convenient, we have also made it free.”

Open publishing through Lulu has been designed to be a simple process whereby the author can upload the finished document, customize their format and cover, and publish and sell their work immediately.  They can then order or download copies, as well as promote the sale of it to others.  For more information on academic publishing opportunities, visit Lulu’s education portal at www.lulu.com/education.

About Lulu

Lulu (www.Lulu.com) has created a new model in publishing – open publishing – that empowers authors, publishers, educators, and businesses alike to profit and bring their knowledge and expertise to customers more easily than ever before. Since 2002, Lulu has helped 1.1 million creators publish and sell their works electronically or in print and adds 20,000 new titles each month. Customers set their own price for their content and keep 80% of the revenue whenever their works sell.  Through a global print network, growing network of retail partners, and Open Publishing APIs, Lulu provides anyone with the ability to publish and sell books, eBooks, photo books, calendars, and cookbooks to readers anywhere, anytime.    

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