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UltraOutdoors.com Launches Largest Outdoor Living Site | Business

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UltraOutdoors.com Launches Largest Outdoor Living Site
UltraOutdoors.com Launches Largest Outdoor Living Site

UltraOutdoors.com has launched their comprehensive site to bring everything in outdoor living under one roof. The site features over 100,000 pages and over 150,000 listings, making it the largest “outdoor living” site worldwide. Created to highlight the growing outdoor-living market, it offers ideas, inspiration, and quality sources for contracting work. Currently, the site covers 65 major metro areas within the U.S. and in Canada, with more being added.

“Increasingly people want to find ideas and quality contractors to transform their landscape or yard into a great outdoor living space,” explains Bob Dallas, the chief executive officer at UltraOutdoors.com. “That’s the idea behind the site. It helps people do exactly that. They can find everything they need in one place.”

Dubbed as “The World’s Source for Everything in Outdoor Living,” the site features thousands of backyard and landscaping ideas with full-color photos. Consumers can also find information and referrals to high-quality, experienced professionals and contractors to consider for their next outdoor living project.

The outdoor living industry has become increasingly popular. In fact, according to MarketLine, and other independent market research sources, the global outdoor living market has grown to $277 billion annually. Millions of people are opting to invest in creating great outdoor spaces that their family can use for multiple purposes, including playing, entertaining, and relaxing. Some estimates find that for every dollar a homeowner puts into their landscape and outdoor living space, they get $2 back when selling the home.

“We all want a great outdoor living space, but we don’t all know how to go about getting it, or what we want, until we see some pictures,” added Dallas. “UltraOutdoors.com takes care of all that. We have thousands of photos to give you ideas of what you want. But we don’t stop there. We hook you up with great designers and contractors that can help make that dream a reality.”

Created to answer the demand of the meteoric rise of the outdoor living industry, UltraOutdoors.com serves a unique role as a catalyst to bring together the entire industry … every professional, every retailer, every manufacturer and every trade association, under a single domain. No other home-design website has this much scope, content, or comprehensiveness covering the U.S., Canada, Dubai, China, Saudi Arabia, and Central America.  Beyond the directory, UltraOutdoors.com will be a web 2.0 site that enables users to sign up, make a comment, ask a question, save a photo, and participate in design related conversations with top designers and builders.  For more information, visit the site at www.UltraOutdoors.com