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Vienna Real Estate Market Back In Balance

In last week’s Vienna-Oakton real estate update, we shared some tips for how to keep your home safe when you’re traveling during the holidays. One of our neighbors (who happens to know a bit about this topic since he is a Sheriff!) added some great comments when we posted our tips on The Belt Team Facebook page. We thought we’d share them here as well.

The original post suggested you set up timers on certain lights in your house & install motion detector lights outdoors. My neighbor added, “My two cents on timers. If you use them, stagger the times they go on and off, create the illusion of movement in the house. Most people have them go on and off at the same time. Instead, have downstairs timers go on during normal dinner & TV time, and then go off. Then have upstairs timers go on like you’re going to bed. Works great and gives the bad guys doubts if you’re home or not.” GREAT ADVICE!

Now – for our local readers (or those who want to move here!) – what has happened in the last week in the Vienna & Oakton real estate markets?

Vienna's Housing Market Does The Limbo

Vienna's Housing Market Does The Limbo

Did you ever try doing the limbo? Then you know the saying "How LOW can you GO?! Well, that's what we're wondering about housing inventory in Vienna.

While Oakton's inventory is just about the same today as it was two weeks ago, Vienna's inventory dropped another 5%. Based on the past 30 days' sales, both Vienna & Oakton have a 2.3 month supply of homes on the market. And that is a Seller's Market!

How low will it really go?

Seller's Market In Vienna Real Estate

Seller's Market In Vienna Real Estate


What’s happening this week in the Vienna & Oakton real estate markets?

As Sargent Friday used to say “Just the facts ma’am!


Real Living ǀ At Home Brings New Look to Washington Residential Real Estate

 Real Living ǀ At Home Brings New Look to Washington Residential Real Estate

Darrin Friedman and Jason Sherman have grown accustomed to making waves in the Washington residential real estate world; so it should come as no surprise to learn that they have taken their innovative approach to a whole new level. 

Friedman, 38, and Sherman, 34, are poised to open the area’s first franchise under the brand name Real Living.  With offices in Chevy Chase and Dupont Circle, Real Living | At Home boldly brings a new yet highly successful and proven approach to the residential real estate industry as they target one of the fastest-growing home-buyer audience segments in the nation - 24-to-44 year olds. 

Vienna, Oakton Teetering on the Brink of a Balanced Real Estate Market

Are you back into your routine yet?

September is normally a time where things start to settle down into a regular rhythm. Kids are back to school. Traffic patterns settle in to reflect that. The new football season starts. And you can hear the marching band practice when you drive by the local high school.

And that’s no different for real estate. Specific statistics for the past week in Vienna & Oakton are below, but in general – it looks like we are headed back to a Balanced Market as opposed to the Seller’s Market we have been in for quite some time.

Here’s a summary of where we are:

5 Ways To Know If Your Realtor Is Tech Savvy (Does it even matter?)

5 Ways To Know If Your Realtor Is Tech Savvy (Does it even matter?)

Does it really matter whether or not your Realtor is “Tech Savvy”?

The answer is a resounding YES!

As a Buyer or Seller, it really doesn’t matter whether YOU are into technology or not. We work with all kinds of folks and we adapt to whatever their comfort level & needs are when it comes to communication, home searching & more. And while technology can make buying or selling a home easier on you, it’s really not an absolute necessity that YOU be tech savvy.

So, whether you’re like my husband (who has a phone with no camera, no internet access and a flip top – he calls it a “dumb phone” instead of a “smart phone”) or you’re the first person in your office to get the latest gadget or download the newest app – you can be successful in buying or selling a home, doing it with the least inconvenience possible, and maximizing your exposure (if you’re selling) or your opportunity (if you’re buying.)


To understand why this might matter to you as a Buyer or a Seller, ask yourself these questions: