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Fairfax Residents Asked To Submit Flooding Damage Reports

Fairfax Residents Asked To Submit Flooding Damage Reports

From Fairfax County Emergency Blog:

In order to qualify for federal disaster assistance, Fairfax County needs to prove that a certain percentage of its residents were impacted by an incident. Last week’s flooding impacted many homes and businesses – and the Office of Emergency Management needs to hear from you.

Contact the Office of Emergency Management by phone at 571-350-1000 or by email to report your damage.

Boy Dead Due To Va. Flooding

VIENNA, Va. (AP) -- A boy died in rising floodwater's in Fairfax County as the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee sent torrential rains streaming into northern Virginia, officials said.

Fairfax County police say 12-year-old Jack Donaldson was swept away by an overflowing creek while playing in his backyard around 6 p.m. Thursday. The creek ran behind the family's home on Marcliff Ct. Lexis Nexis.

Donaldson's body was found nearby less than two hours later.

Dan Schmidt, spokesman for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, said creeks in the county have swollen out of their banks in the rain.

"Doing anything other than respecting the water rolling through creeks would not be prudent," he said. "People need to stay inside or go to high ground."

Police say there were numerous reports throughout the county of cars stuck in rising waters and that first responders had difficulty at times getting to the scenes quickly.

Fairfax County Public Schools to Close Grass Fields This Weekend

From FCPS Outreach:

All Fairfax County public schools will be open for activities on Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September 11, except for grass athletic fields, which will be closed for use.  Artificial turf fields can be used.

All Fairfax County Public Schools Closed Friday, September 9

From FCPS Outreach:

Cleanup Safety Tips from Fairfax County

From Fairfax County Emergency Information:


As the storm moves on, these tips can help keep you, your family and co-workers safe as you begin to put your home or business back in order:

Flooding Safety Tips and Previous Flooding Locations

Flooding Safety Tips and Previous Flooding Locations

From Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department:


Flash flooding of roads, streams, and other low-lying areas during heavy and prolonged rainfall can be dangerous. This is especially true for motorists attempting to negotiate a roadway that cannot be easily seen because of high water and limited visibility. Flooding due to high rainfall and swollen streams can take its toll on the unsuspecting driver. The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department offers the following safety tips when flooding is forecasted and locations of past flooding areas. 

Never drive through a flooded roadway; the depth, current, and condition of the road are all unknowns and can be deadly.

If you come to a flooded area while driving, stop and take an alternate route.

If your vehicle stalls on a flooded road and water is rising, get out of car, call 911, and move to higher ground.